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Xtended Technology

The ALEXA XT Plus is the first major step in the evolution of the Alexa camera family. Offering a Super 35 sensor with a switchable Open Gate*, 4:3 and 16:9 active sensor mode. The new XR Module (Xtended Recording), co-developed by Codex, makes it possible to record ARRIRAW in-camera onto XR Capture Drives. Through an adapter you’re still able to record ProRes or DNxHD to more economical Sony SxS Pro Media Cards.

Alexa XT Main Features

  • In-camera ARRIRAW recording up to 120fps** onto XR Capture Drives.
  • Faster and longer ProRes/DNxHD recording **
  • Open Gate* sensor mode to capture the largest available sensor area.
  • Capture true anamorphic, thanks to the tall 4:3 sensor mode.

Visit the ARRI website for more detailed Alexa XT Plus product information and documentation.

Technical Data


Sensor 35mm format ARRI ALEV III CMOS with Bayer pattern color filter array.
Resolution From used sensor photo sites to target resolution:
2880 x 1620 down-sampled to 1920 x 1080 for ProRes HD
2868 x 1612 down-sampled to 2048 x 1152 for ProRes 2K
3168 x 1778 used for ProRes 3.2K 16:9
2880 x 1620 used for ARRIRAW 16:9
4:3 Full
2868 x 2150 down-sampled to 2048 x 1536 for ProRes 2K 4:3
2880 x 2160 used for ARRIRAW 4:3 Full
4:3 Cropped
2578 x 2160 used for ARRIRAW 4:3 Cropped
Open Gate
3414 x 2198 used for ARRIRAW Open Gate
Frame rates 16:9
ProRes HD 0.75 - 120 fps**
ProRes 2K 0.75 - 60 fps**
ProRes 3.2K 0.75 - 30 fps**
DNxHD HD 0.75 - 120 fps**
ARRIRAW 0.75 - 120 fps**
4:3 Full
ProRes 2K 0.75 - 48 fps**
ARRIRAW 0.75 - 90 fps**
4:3 Cropped
ARRIRAW 0.75 - 96 fps**
Open Gate
ARRIRAW 0.75 - 75 fps**
Base ISO 800 ASA
Latitude 14+ Stops
Bit Depth 16 bit linear internal image processing
Recording Format ARRIRAW, Quicktime / ProRes and MXF / DNxHD **
Dimensions 332 x 183 x 158mm
Weight ALEXA XT body with XR Module: 7.3 kg
ALEXA XT body with XR Module, electronic viewfinder and handle: 8.7 kg


* Open Gate ARRIRAW is only possible on (re-calibrated & original) Alexa XT camera’s, not on XR module upgraded camera’s.

** Go to Recording Media for more specific frame rate and recording format information.

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